Forest-based Enterprises Cohort

In May 2022, the Swedish Embassy and the European Union in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme Liberia (UNDP), the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), signed an agreement to implement the Community-Based Forestry and Protected Area Management (CBFM)The Community-Based Forestry and Protected Area Management project, which falls under the UNDP Livelihood and Employment Creation project and is implemented through the Growth Accelerator Liberia Programme, aims to accomplish the following: 

Enhancing policies and institutional capacity to support community-based forest management (CFM) is vital for sustainable forest governance. 

Empowering communities to effectively manage protected areas (PAs) and integrated natural resources management (INRM) fosters conservation efforts and community resiliencePromoting resilient land management practices and sustainable business development for forest and farm producers, including cooperatives, ensures equitable access to non-timber forest products while reducing emissions.

Implementing knowledge management, communication, monitoring, and evaluation systems supports informed decision-making and ensures gender mainstreaming for inclusive and sustainable forest management. The CBFM will be implemented in seven priority counties: Gbarpolu, Grand Cape Mount, Lofa, Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Sinoe, and Rivercess. 

The CBFM’s goal is to enhance the management of community forests and protected areas in Liberia. By strengthening governance structures, building the capacity of forest regulatory institutions, and empowering local organizations, the project seeks to promote integrated natural resource management and sustainable livelihoods for forest fringe communities.

The CBFM forest-based enterprises cohort will in 2024, provide targeted support for youth, women, and enterprises by providing intensive training, technical support, coaching and mentoring, and a grant of $10,000 USD to thirty selected forest-based businesses, thereby reducing poverty, minimizing inequality, fostering resilient livelihoods, and ensuring sustainable and non-harmful forest practices.

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