About Us

Who We Are

Growth Accelerator Liberia is an initiative aimed at supporting and accelerating impactful For-profit ventures across Liberia. 
Recognizing that entrepreneurship is a fundamental part of growth and development in Liberia, the Growth Accelerator Programme equips impact-driven entrepreneurs with business development training, personalized mentorship, and access to funding that’ll enable them to grow and scale their ventures

Since its inception in 2021, UNDP Liberia, through the Growth Accelerator Liberia programme has been instrumental in helping Liberian businesses grow. We’ve directly invested over $1.3 million in co-financing support, propelling the growth of thirty-eight (38) MSMEs and agricultural cooperatives across Liberia.

Beyond the financial support, the Growth Accelerator Liberia Programme has delivered invaluable business development training and mentorship to Fifty Four (54) Liberian businesses and agricultural cooperatives, ensuring they are prepared to scale their ventures. Our commitment to “empowering local entrepreneurs” remains unwavering as we continue to unlock the full potential of Liberian entrepreneurs and drive sustainable growth.

Why we are on this mission

Ranked 176th out of 189 countries on the UNDP 2019 Human Development Index, Liberia faces stack challenges in respect to poverty and inequality. Poverty affects a slight majority of the population (50.9%), with the burden heavier in the rural areas (71.8%) as compared to the urban settings (31.5%). This has primarily been due to the lack of access to sustainable and viable income generating opportunities locally.

Also like the rest of the world we’re experiencing the severe effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has placed a strain on struggling small businesses and worsened the socio-economic impact on vulnerable communities and individuals. Growth Accelerator Liberia was initiated to identify ambitious Small and medium Enterprises with keen focus on accelerating the growth and innovation of these ventures.

With support from UNDP Liberia partners, the Ministry of Commerce & Industry in partnership with iCampus Liberia, Growth Accelerator Liberia will recruit and provide selected innovative and impactful businesses with mentorship, technical assistance and co-financing to grow and scale; The programme directly contributes to the reduction of poverty and the minimization of inequality in Montserrado, Lofa, Grand Cape Mount, Nimba, Grand Bassa, Sinoe and Grand Gedeh by supporting the creation of resilient livelihood and income-generating opportunities for poor and vulnerable population by 2024.

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